Morley Zxse RMU Module Kit. Provides an IP interface from your panels to your AMX graphics package. Supports a network of six to fifteen panels.

AMX is a pictorial and textual aid for managing alarm activations in your work place. It can be programmed to suit any applications including: Hospitals,Universities, Prisons, Hotels, Industrial and Commercial buildings. In an emergency, both information and control are paramount, without knowing what has occured and where it happens it is difficult to provide an effective resolution of the situation.

AMX is designed to present the information in a simple, clear and user friendly way, allowing rapid comprehension of the situation. In addition to the basic function of displaying alarms at a common location, the system also offers the ability to record and analyse both alarms and non-alarm events. This provides the
building’s engineers or management with the tools they need to analyse alarms, faults, review events, assess problems and plan their maintenance and false alarm prevention strategies AMX is designed to present information in a simple, clear and user friendly environment. Alarm information can be presented to users as both graphical and text instructions, allowing rapid comprehension of the situation Clear, concise information and instructions with optional control functions are available to manage the incident. (Visualise the situation.) With the latest edition of our remote montioring units, it is now possible to connect the serial data from the panels via an ethernet connection utilising the local area network or communication via Interweb.

This new way of connecting the workstation to the fire system allows users to have real time event information, enabling them to proactively manage their system and receive vital system data no matter where they’re located. Incident Management Incident management is just one element provided by the system, AMX allows you to document and audit the history of the system using the powerful comprehensive logging facilities. Classify each alarm according to it’s nature – False alarm due to burnt toast, False alarm with good intentions, etc. Utilise the built in classifications or create your own. Highlight areas that
generate the highest number of alarms to improve your system’s performance.

  • Secure System
  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple PC Workstations
  • Image, Plan or Text Displays
  • Simple Navigation and Control
  • Current Event List
  • In-Depth History Analysis
  • Integrates with ZXSe and DXc Series Control Panels
  • Windows™ 7 and 8 Compatible
  • Choice of Specification
  • Remote System connectivity (additional hardware required)