X-SMART Med to Small Project System Management Software Package (Include 1 sever and 1 client interface)

X-SMART X-618 Management Software

The X-SMART System Management Software includes a server-side system resource platform and a client-side management system to perform centralized management of related devices through an Ethernet network. The software is used to monitor the system status, make announcements, play audio, and manage logs.

There are two kinds of X-SMART software to meet the different requirements of projects of different sizes. One is for small and mediumsized project, and the other is for larger projects. These two kinds of software have the same operations. However, the number of X-DCS3000 (DSC) they control and the size of the devices connected are different

The small and mediumsized project software can manage 20 DCSs at most, and play audio using 20 channels maximum through the network, among which 5 channels are for fire alarms and 15 for normal

The large project software can manage up to 250 DCSs and play audio using 60 channels through the network, among which 10 channels are for fire alarms and 50 for public address.

  • Flexible management of operation authorizations
  • Provide multiple-layer map view for the buildings
  • Records and show all events logs
  • Support system data backup
  • Fault detection reports the device ID, Type, and IP address
  • Monitor the status of all devices in the X-618 network
  • Supports multiple simultaneous announcements