X-NRI/EN Network Resource Interface

  • 4 AUX balanced audio input for digitalization of the external analog audio source and routing to the network
  • Built-in 512MB Flash memory and 4G SD card as internal audio source
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces allow communication of multiple X-DCS2000/EN
  • 32 x dry contact control inputs with supervision and input faults can be monitored
  • 2 x RS-485 communication terminals for integration with Fire Panel via protocol
  • X-NRI/EN Network Resource Interface is a universal interface of X-618 for external control access and audio extension. It is suitable to the needs of central interfaces management required by middle-to-large applications.The device provides 4 external audio source interfaces and 1 built-in audio source.These audio sources are network audio source which can be shared in the Ethernet.

      • X-NRI/EN applies main power supply and 24 VDC backup power supply. Through software configuration, the fault of power supply can be detected. By default the device is running on main power. When the main power is disabled, it automatically relays to backup power supply and the main power indicator on X-NRI/EN front panel turns yellow at the same time.As long as the main power resume to normal, the power supply switch back to main power.
      • X-NRI/EN has main power protection. When internal short circuit or other forms of malfunction come across, the main power supply will be cut off for protection of the device.
      • By self detection function, X-NRI/EN can detect faults include Main/Backup power supply, system malfunction, and communication fault and has respective indicators on the front panel. When there is a fault, the fault indicator turns yellow and siren goes off to warn the operators and the fault status will be logged.
      • X-NRI/EN has 4 RCA terminals for external audio source input. They can be configured by system software in terms of On/Off, the name of audio, multicast address and the type of interfaces, etc. During installation, the external audio source is required physically connection with the inputs and by using X-SMART software, X-NPMI/EN and X-DCS2000/EN to select the target zones and audio, the audio source can be delivered.
      • External audio sources can be connected to XNRI/EN directly such as CD or DVD. There are 4 balanced inputs for paging station connection and through dip switch on the right of rear panel, volume GAIN level can be adjusted and phantom power supply can be turned on/off.The power supply voltage of phantom power supply is DC 24V.
      • X-NRI/EN provides 32 x dry contact inputs with monitoring for fire alarm integration. Through XSMART software, voice alarm zones of each XDCS2000/EN can be planned in accordance with fire alarm zones as well as the adjacent zones which required by international voice alarm standard. When fire alarm triggering the X-NRI/EN, it automatically communicate with the triggered X-DCS2000/EN and override the BGM broadcast by preserved voice message of emergency. When proceeding voice alarm in the zones on fire, X-DCS2000/EN can deliver the different evacuation message to preset adjacent zones.