Digital Noise Detector

X-ND100 (Digital Noise Detector) is used to detect ambient noise, automatically calculate the noise SPL, and transmit the SPL data to X-DCS3000. It is an important component to fulfill the function of automatic volume control. While broadcasting, the sound is mixed with ambient noise. In order to measure the noise SPL accurately, X-ND100 measures broadcast signal from speaker lines, comparing it with the broadcast signal from the microphone to get the actual noise data.


  • Installation
    • Builders can conveniently install the noise detector into a hole with diameter of 160mm in the ceiling, and secure it with the spring clamps on both sides of the shell. Thickness of the ceiling is 5~25mm.
  • Wiring
    • There are two terminals inside the noise detector. One is used to connect the control line for communication and power supply, and another is used to connect the speaker line. The polarity of wires shall conform to the marks beside the terminals. Generally, 0.75mm2 twisted wires are recommended. If the distance from the noise detector to controller exceeds 1000m, please use 1mm2 twisted wires.
  • Connect to the X-DCS3000 by a pair of cables, to the communication and power terminals.
  • Max. 5 noise detectors for each channel.
  • Fire-proof ABS shell.
  • Collects broadcast signals and noise signals.
  • Max. transmission distance is 1000m.
  • Flush-mounting in ceiling.
  • Ideal for indoor installation.