X-DA4060 High Efficiency Power Amplifier 4 × 60W

X-DA4060 High Efficiency Power Amplifier

  • Four channel 60W high efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • Automatic protection
  • Fault detection
  • Effective ventilation using forced air cooling fan
  • CE certification complied
  • X-DA4060 High Efficiency Power Amplifier provides amplification for audio signal delivered by high power loudspeakers that are connected to X-618 Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System. X-DA4060 is reliable, efficient and light in weight.

      • X-DA4060 supports both balance and unbalanced audio inputs.To receive unbalanced audio inputs, simply connect the ground port with the negative input port to the rear panel.
      • X-DA4060 can receive audio signal from X-DCS2000/EN via Ethernet through the RJ45 standard port.
      • X-DA4060 can self-protect from overheat, over current, over voltage and under voltage. For example, when the internal temperature reaches its critical limit, the overheat protection circuit will shut down the power amplification module and activate the protection indicator light on the front panel.
      • X-DA4060 can detect power supply errors automatically during operation.The built-in fuse will provide overcurrent protection to the main power supply.
      • When a shout circuit is detected in the main power circuit, the power will be automatically shut down. The backup power will then be enabled to replaced the main one.
      • When a fault, self-protection or self-testing happens, its audio input fault port on the rear panel will short circuit and a fault signal will then be sent to the control unit in the network.
    • SAFETY
      • The device adopts lightweight design.The front panel is made of UL94V-0 fire proof ABS material, protecting the machine under extreme conditions. Acooling fan is equipped for heat exhaustion so that the machine can maintain high working efficiency.
      • When HN-D32N Noise Detector is installed, X-DA4060 can adjust volume according to the ambient noise automatically to ensure high sound intelligibility.
      • Power light
      • AC fault light x 2
      • Signal light (for each channel)
      • Clip light (for each channel)
      • Protection light (for each channel)