INTEVIO 500W Class-D Power Amplifier

RK-AMP500 supports balanced/unbalanced audio inputs and 100V speaker outputs. It also has a 100V
audio input port to connect with the output from other amplifiers so that the output power can be increased
easily. A contact output is provided to send out the fault status to a third-party ystem should a fault be
detected. Through the RJ45 port, RK-AMP500 receives the audio signal and control signal from the
controller RK-MCU or RK-ZONE8 and sends back the fault status.


RK-AMP500, 500W Digital Power Amplifier, is used to amplify the audio signal to drive loudspeakers. It is reliable, efficient and light-weight. Automatic fault detection and self-protection RK-AMP500 can
self-protect from overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload or short circuit. For example, when the internal temperature reaches its critical limit, the overheat protection circuit will shut down the power amplification module and activate the protection indicator light on the front panel. RK-AMP500 can detect power supply errors automatically during operation. The built-in fuse will provide overcurrent protection to the main power supply. In the event of a main power supply failure, the backup power (24V DC) is activated.