Pro-Watch VMS Enterprise Edition Base Software, supports unlimited cameras, redundancy, failover and VMS-in-VMS management, includes(5) view client licenses.

Pro-Watch VMS supports emerging technologies in the industry, like 4K resolution, H.265 smart video compression codec, multi-imager cameras and fisheye cameras. Businesses can fully utilize the advantages of superb video quality with 4 times the details over 1080p HD, 30%~50% less storage expense, and seamless 180° and 360° surrounding surveillance.

Native Integration with Honeywell Cameras

Integration with 60 Series and equIP cameras and advanced camera features, like “Click & Drag” 3D PTZ control, license plate recognition, intelligence events and bounding boxes on objects detected by specific video analytics, help surveillance operators to efficiently protect people, property and services.

Pro-Watch NVR PE (Professional Edition)

Pro-Watch NVR is a flexible, scalable and open IP video surveillance system, including the Pro-Watch NVR PE with 64 to 256 channels as well as a software based solution.

Multiple Pro-Watch NVRs can be deployed for system expansion using a distributed architecture and are integrated with the Pro-Watch VMS enterprise video management system with Integrated Security Suite.

Video Analytics

Video analytics has been a powerful tool to provide means for improved situational awareness, insights for increasing efficiency and reduce workload on security and management staff in turn increasing returns from existing surveillance infrastructure.

Vehicle trace is a high performance vehicle license plate detection and recognition engine that runs on the edge. It supports more than 190 countries with reliable performance over a wide range of plate types, orientations and environmental conditions. Typical uses include access control at site entrances, car park monitoring, and scenarios where vehicles travel at low speeds.

Pro-Watch Ultra Keyboards

The industry leading approach to intelligent, user-friendly control of video management systems are Pro-Watch UltraKey Plus and Lite keyboards. Selection and control of any function within the video management system is available directly from the keyboard.

UltraKey Plus incorporates a large backlit color touch screen LCD that can easily be configured with hundreds of menus and accessed dynamically using both hard key and soft key selections.

The UltraKey Lite has a two-line LCD that offers system feedback and simple keyboard configuration, and a 3-axis variable speed joystick with twist zoom controls variable speed PTZ mechanisms.

  • Pro-Watch VMS
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly client interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point
  • Role-based operator privileges
  • Remote monitor feature allows controlling all monitors from a single client (Monitor Wall Control)
  • Incident management mode allows creating a single clip with multiple cameras at different times that can be played back sequentially or simultaneously through a salvo layout
  • Innovative “One-Click” or “Mouse Drag” 3D PTZ control experience that does away with legacy PTZ controls of continuous clicking
  • Honeywell video analytics integration
  • Integration with Augmented Vision Face Recognition Analytics from Idemia
  • Pro-Watch NVR PE
  • Record and monitor up to 256 channels at 3840 fps @ 1080p (4 Mbps bitrate) HD per Pro-Watch NVR PE. Network bandwidth/throughput supported per NVR : 800 Mbps
  • Easy to use and enhanced camera configuration and discovery workflow – Reduce over configuration using NVR System Load and Storage Calculator and ensure the system is configured to meet requirements for retention and reliability.
  • Status Monitor – Save operational costs with an integrated dashboard to easily monitor the health and recording status of all the Pro-Watch NVRs from any workstation or PC in the network.
  • Fast search by date/time, enhanced time line, time jump, bookmarks, SMART Motion search, calendar, preview, film strip view and events. Increase productivity with more efficient search/ investigation: Get to the relevant video in few clicks without having to review hours of recordings.
  • SMART Motion Search – Fast and efficient forensic search and investigation for objects/motion on recorded video using Honeywell SMART Motion Detection Analytics algorithms on the Client PC without impacting the NVR Server load.
  • Vehicle Trace
  • Detects up to 2 lanes of vehicles, and up to 8 plates in the view
  • Wide tolerance on the angle of tilted license plates, the approach angle of vehicles and orientation of non-horizontal plates
  • Supports Latin, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets, enabling support for >190 countries
  • Designed for site entrance applications with vehicle speeds up to 50km/h (31mph)
  • UltraKey Plus
  • Fully programmable customized menus
  • Fully programmable LCD color touch screen
  • Touch pad and touch ring
  • Web interface for configuration and firmware upgrades
  • UltraKey Lite
  • Keys are backlit with pleasant adjustable blue LED
  • Mon A, Mon B keys for quick monitor selection
  • Touch wheel for DVR/NVR control
  • Web interface for configuration and firmware upgrades