PW-6000 Intelligent Controller – Capacity for 32 I/O or reader boards

Honeywell PW-Series Modular Access Control System
The PW-Series Modular Control System is an advanced access control hardware architecture capable of providing solutions for large enterprise applications. The Intelligent Controller (PW6K1IC, PW6K1ICE, or PWEP 1502) provides power and flexibility with its 32-bit architecture, TCP/IP connection, flash memory, large local cardholder database, and large reader and I/O module support.

The Intelligent controllers provide off-line operation, making access control decisions independently from the network or Pro-Watch Software. Scalability, compatibility and 3 different types of Intelligent controllers provide endless combinations for any scenario, segment, or niche. In case a distributed intelligent architecture based on RS485 downstream panels/Interfaces is preferred, the PW6K1IC and/or the latest IP-based PWEP1502 suits the purpose. If an ‘IP-TO-THE-DOOR’ solution is required, the PW6K1ICE and the PW6K1R1E perfectly meets the specification.

The PW-Series Intelligent Controllers also support a combination of I/O and/or reader boards to monitor alarm input points, relay output points and access control reader interfaces. By offering a modular design, the system can be tailored to meet a wide range of applications, while optimising cost and mounting space.

The PW6K1IC will support up to 300,000 cards and 50,000 transactions. 
The PW6K1ICE will support up to 240,000 cards and 50,000 transactions. 
The PWEP1502 will support up to 240,000 cards and 50,000 transactions

  • Up to 12 intervals per time zone where each interval is a start time, stop time and day map. The day map indicates the day of the week or holiday.
  • 255 possible holidays are defined by a starting date and duration
  • Automatic calculation of leap year and Daylight Saving Time
  • 19-digit (64-bit) user ID – PW6000/PW6101/PWEP1502
  • Support for FIPS (U.S. Government Federal Information Processing Standard) long card numbers
  • Activation/deactivation dates by card
  • Up to 32 access levels per card or individual time zones per readers
  • Up to 8-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) – PW6000/PW6101/PWEP1502
  • Operating modes include locked, unlocked, facility code, card only, card and PIN, card or PIN, and PIN only
  • Up to eight card formats per reader 
  • Entire card bit-stream reported with invalid facility code or invalid card format
  • Anti-passback support, last area accessed, last reader accessed and time/date of last access
  • Configurable as standard, entry delay latching, entry delay non-latching and exit delay
  • Configurable as standard (energise to activate) or failsafe (de-energise to activate)