PRO3200 Intelligent Controller w/IP

The PRO3200 professional series family of access control modules is designed for high density installations. Supporting up to 16 readers per enclosure and 32 readers per intelligent controller along with up to 100,000 card capacity provides a combination of small installation footprint and superior cost per door ratio.

The PRO22R1 provides I/O support for one card access reader, while the PRO32R2 supports two card access readers. Both interface with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC). In the event that communication to the intelligent control module is lost, the card access readers can be individually configured to allow entrance based on security needs. This customization allows for a door to be configured as locked, unlocked, or access only via valid facility code.

The PRO32OUT interfaces with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC) providing up to 12 or 16, Form C, 12 VDC, 2A relay output controls depending if the board is rack or tile-mounted and power fail and panel tamper when tile mounted. Relays may be used for elevator control, status annunciation and for general
facility control, such as door monitoring.

The PRO32IN interfaces with the intelligent control module (PRO32IC) providing 16 supervised alarm inputs and a dedicated power fail and panel tamper when tile mounted. An analog to digital converter samples the input values and the digitized result is filtered and processed. Filter parameters are configurable for each input point, resulting in the ability to specify a custom End-Of-Line (EOL) resistance value, sensitivity
range and timing parameter.

The PRO3200 Series of access modules are designed to accommodate various mounting options. Units can be mounted in a rack configuration (PRO22ENC1, PRO22ENC2 and PRO22ENC5) when space is limited, or in a tile-mount configuration (PRO22ENC3).

• The PRO22ENC1 is a wall-mounted enclosure rack unit
• The PRO22ENC2 is a 19″ rack-mounted enclosure rack unit
• The PRO22ENC5 is a rack unit which fits inside a customer’s enclosure

  • Modular design fits a wide variety of applications
  • Up to 9 modules, power-supply and battery can be accommodated by the PRO22ENC1, PRO22ENC2 and PRO22ENC5 (no battery) enclosures
  • User programmable relay outputs allow for specific control needs
  • User programmable alarm inputs offer flexible system configuration and control
  • RS485 communication to all modules
  • Analog to digital converter technology provides digital filtering and input conditioning
  • Dedicated cabinet tamper and power monitor inputs
  • Supports the choice of normally open, normally closed, supervised, and non-supervised circuits
  • Supports a wide range of reader technologies including Wiegand, magnetic stripe, proximity, and keypad
  • System off-line modes customizable per reader include facility code access, locked (no access), and unlocked (full access)
  • Supports multiple reader and card formats for maximum flexibility and security options
  • Operating modes include locked, unlocked, facility code, card only, card and PIN, card or PIN and PIN only
  • Communication to the host is via either 10/100 Ethernet or RS-232 (both are standard)
  • Alarm circuit type – normally open, normally closed, non-supervised, supervised (with correct EOL). Meets requirements for UL294 and CUL
  • Any combination of 16 I/0 or readers modules may be connected to the PRO32IC RS485 ports. 4,000 ft (1,250 m) total bus length per port
  • Supports over 50,000 cards and 50,000 transactions