Honeywell ACCESS PSU Assembly 4A for Pro2200 Sys

The PRO32E1PS and PW6K2E2PS power supply and battery charger is compatible with the PW3000,PW5000, PW6000, PRO2200, and PRO3200 systems. For ordering purposes please use the PW6K2E2PSfor the PW3000, PW5000, and PW6000 systems and PRO32E1PS for PRO2200, and PRO3200 systems.This power supply will convert AC input voltage into a 13.8VDC output with 4.0 amps maximum of continuous current. The power supply accepts an input voltage of 85VAC to 265VAC at 50Hz/60Hz. The power supply provides AC fail and low battery supervision when connected to PW3000, PW5000,PW6000, PRO2200, and PRO3200 I/O PFL (Power Fail) and auxiliary inputs.

  • 4.0 amp maximum continuous output current at 13.8VDC with overload protection
  • Filtered and electronically regulated outputs
  • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid batteries with a maximum charge current of 250mA
  • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery, if present, upon AC power failure
  • Reverse battery polarity with a non-replaceable fuse
  • Low battery supervision when connected to a low battery input on the panel
  • AC fail supervision when connected to PWR fail on panel
  • Short circuit/overload/overvoltage protection
  • 0° C to 49° C operating temperature range
  • UL 60950 listed
  • CE compliant