MAXPRO® Intrusion Keypad Wall Mounting Plate

The Honeywell MAXPRO® Intrusion Peripherals offer enhancement of the MAXPRO Intrusion (MPI) fully integrated intrusion and access control system.

MPI is part of the MAXPRO family of products, and the system and its peripheral devices must be connected to MAXPRO Cloud for configuration, maintenance, and management.

MAXPRO Cloud is a fully integrated access, video, and intrusion Security-as-a- Service platform. Ideal for small to medium businesses, MAXPRO Cloud makes single or multi-site building security simple and scalable. Users can manage their security system from anywhere at any time via any standard web browser or our innovative award-winning app.

Remote configuration and management of sites, devices, schedules, and users reduces operational costs and streamlines efficiencies across multi-site installations. The cloud-ready peripheral modules broaden your MPI configuration with backup communication, keypad interfaces, access points, relays/zone expansion, and smart remote power supply.

  • Modular expansion capability, allowing 1 or 2 IB2 buses with up to 46 devices per bus, along with optional LTE module
  • Cloud-hosted devices, requiring no servers or software
  • Plug and play device connection for easy installation
  • Auto addressing and cloud-based configuration, reducing system creation costs and time
  • Peripheral firmware updates can be pushed from the cloud without having to roll a truck
  • System security with HTTPS login and 256-bit encryption, high availability data centres
  • Constant polling of IB2 bus by the control panel, offering device issue reports within seconds
  • Assured dependability of messaging and alarms through the LTE module, providing full Ethernet connection backup using cellular radio communication
  • Growth and scaling to meet your customer’s needs.

It is necessary to register for an account with MAXPRO Cloud before using the MPI system and its components.

  • Multi-site deployment made easy with cloud-based configuration and management:
    • Access from anywhere via standard web browser
    • Remote configuration and updates
    • Map-based configuration and management
    • Automated and scheduled reporting
  • Single, multi-site user database for access/intrusion and multi-site Permission Groups:
    • Manage user credentials across large scale deployments
    • Integrate access doors and intrusion areas
  • Multi-site management via app for iOS and Android™
  • Easy and cost effective installation:
    • Modular and scalable
    • Free wiring topology (chain, star, or spur) over standard cable to reduce cabling costs and time
    • Stackable IB2 modules can be located within the MPI enclosure
    • Simple plug-andplay IP connectivity
    • Automatic addressing of peripherals: unique device IDs embedded in modules for handsfree enrolment
    • Simple user interface and colour-coded terminal blocks
    • Flexible options for zone supervision types and end-ofline resistor values
  • Optional cellular radio communication via LTE module along with Ethernet
  • Customer remote monitoring of multiple sites (secondary to Central Station monitoring):
    • Web and mobile apps available
    • Push notifications
  • Integration with MAXPRO Video cameras and NetAXS through MAXPRO Cloud