MPC monthly fee for Cameras management with 60-day storage up to 5MP resolution (per camera)

Anytime, Anywhere. When it comes to security, cloud computing is changing how you
can run your business. MAXPRO® Cloud hosted video service features the cloud-ready hybrid
video appliance that lets users view live and recorded video over the Internet using a PC, Mac,
tablet or Smartphone. It is ideal for entry into video surveillance systems and offers opportunities
for installers through hosted video services.

  • 24/7 Cloud-hosted service (Dedicated support team)
  • Managed security as a service, Integrated Video, Access and Intrusion
  • Health and status of your customer locations
  • No servers or software to maintain
  • Remote firmware management
  • Multi-site deployment and management made easy
  • Email and Push Notifications
  • Built-in automated customer reporting
  • Visual customer site management
  • Cloud-ready hardware, not cloud dependent reducing your SKU count
  • Plug & Play device, no ports to forward
  • Low creation costs improving your cost multiples
  • Remote managed services, manage cards, users, concierge
  • Remote configuration changes
  • Reduced truck rolls
  • Proactive maintenance – know before you go
  • Customer insight, and loyalty
  • Pay for what you use, fully scalable
  • Upsell opportunities