The MI-MCP Series Manual Call Points are designed to provide a manual alarm interface to Morley IAS’s fire alarm control panel. Installation efficiency, flexibility and compliance with the latest standards are at the heart of the call point range.

The unique ‘plug and play’ concept is designed specifically to reduce installation time by using a terminal block which can be wired during the initial installation cabling with a link (P102) to provide continuity for testing. During the commissioning phase, the links are removed and the terminal block is simply inserted
into the connector at the back of the unit. No re-termination is required.

Both break glass, supplied, and re-settable operating elements (PS230) can be used in the standard unit. Operation of the re-settable element, as well as being indicated by the units LED, is also indicated by a yellow strip on the element which becomes visible when activated. With the addition of a hinged transparent
cover (PS200) the element may be protected against accidental operation and may be further protected by using a cover seal (PS056) which requires breaking in order to operate the unit.

The call point uses one of 99 possible addresses which is simply ‘dialled in’ using the two rotary decade switches on the rear of the unit.

A specialist test key may be inserted into the bottom of the unit to lower the glass and release the micro-switch and thus a full functional test is achieved.

  • Unique ‘Plug & Play’ installation concept
  • Re-settable operating element option
  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Semi-Flush or surface mounting
  • Fully compliant with EN54, Part 11
  • Backward compatibility
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Integral LED
  • Integral loop isolation option