The Morley-IAS loop isolator module is used on the Morley-IAS intelligent fire alarm control panels to
protect the system against wire-to-wire short circuits on the analogue addressable loop wiring.

The fault isolator modules should be placed between groups of sensors on the loop wiring to protect the loop if a short circuit fault occurs. If a short circuit fault occurs, the two isolators located either side of the short circuit fault will automatically sense the voltage drop, open their switches and remove the devices from the rest of the loop. If the line voltage then rises above a fixed threshold, indicating that the short circuit fault is removed, then the isolator module will automatically restore the power to the isolated group of devices.

The MI-DISO isolator uses a unique mechanical design allowing each module to be mounted either in a wall box or on a DIN rail. Irrespective of the mounting method chosen, the address switch is both visible and accessible for selection. To help engineers in the maintenance and fault finding process, both the LEDs and the address switches can be viewed without having to remove the cover of the mounting box. The LEDs, being multi colour, provide diagnostic information regarding the status of the isolator.

  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Surface mounting option
  • Plug in connectors
  • Tri-colour LED status indication
  • Address selector switches visible in 2 planes
  • LED status visible in 2 planes
  • Approved to GEA GEI 1-082 and CEA GEI 1-084