The MI-DCZRM addressable zone monitor module allows a zone of non-addressable devices to communicate with a Morley-IAS protocol analogue addressable system. As a result existing non-addressable zones can be integrated into a Morley-IAS protocol system.

The module monitors a zone of two-wire non-addressable devices. Each MI-DCZRM uses one of 99 available module addresses on a loop. A fault signal will be transmitted to the panel in case of an open circuit or short circuit on the non-addressable zone wiring or when the external fault input is pulled low (can be used for power supply monitoring). A flashing LED indicates that the module is in communication with the control panel. The LED latches steady on alarm (subject to current limitations).

The non-addressable zone can be powered from the analogue communication loop or from an external power supply. Where the non-addressable zone is powered from an external power supply, the communication loop is fully isolated from the non-addressable zone and from the power

The zone monitor module replaces the MI-CZME but can be mounted onto a DIN rail. It can also be powered from the addressable loop and allows integration of non-addressable zones into an addressble system. This module enables non-addressable devices to be monitored by Morley-IAS protocol analogue addressable fire alarm control panels.

The maximum recommended number of non-addressable devices that can be used with the MI-DCZRM is 20

  • Connection of a zone of non-addressable detectors to an analogue addressable fire system
  • Built in isolation allowing system installation in stages without loss of protection
  • Monitors open circuit and short circuit faults
  • TRI-Colour Status LED
  • Zone powered from addressable loop wiring or external 24V PSU
  • Remote reset of non-addressable zone
  • Compatible with:
    • Most non-addressable detectors
    • IS non-addressable detectors
  • Monitoring of external power supply
  • External fault input
  • CPD approval to EN54-17 and EN54-18, LPCB and VdS
  • DIN rail mountable, consistent with all other modules
  • Support for an extended power supply range as low as 18Vdc 60mA with an External PSU