The Morley-IAS MI-DCMO control output module is used with the ZX series of intelligent conrol panels to provide either a single alarm circuit or Form C relay.

The MI-DCMO can be used to operte dry contacts for door holders, air handling unit shut down or other
similar functions. Optionally the module can be used to supervise wiring to the ouput load providing monitoring of the external load voltage or power supply. If the monitored voltage falls below threshold then a fault condition will be indicated.

Each MI-DCMO uses one of the ninety-nine possible module addresses available on a loop. It responds to
regular polling from the conrtol panel indicated by a pulsing LED every successful communication. On
command from the control panel the MI-DCMO will disconnect the supervision and connnect the external
power supply across the load. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the control panel that the relay is activated. The MI-DCMO has a built-in isolator which may be switched out if required.

  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Surface mounting option
  • Tri-colour LED status indication
  • Built-in Short Circuit Isolators
  • Visible Address selector switches
  • LED status visible in 2 planes
  • Plug in connectors
  • Approved to GEA GEI 1-082 and CEA GEI 1-084