The Morley-IAS MI-D240CMO and MI-D240CMO-DIN control output modules are used with the Morley-IAS
intelligent fire alarm control panels to provide management of 240Vac loads.

The modules are loop powered devices controlling an unsupervised double pole relay output with one
normally open and one normally closed contact. The output relay is a bistable device, latching in either the on or the off state on command from the fire alarm control panel.

Each module uses one of the ninety-nine possible module addresses available on a loop. It responds to
regular polling from the control panel, indicated by a pulsing LED every successful communication. Each
module is supplied with a built-in isolator for protection. However, to increase application flexibility individual isolators may be switched out as required.

The modules are supplied in two individual mounting styles. The MI-D240CMO is supplied in a wall mounting enclosure complete with a grounding terminal. The MI-D240CMO-DIN is designed to mount on to standard 35mm “tophat” style DIN rail and is required to be installed within a suitable enclosure.

To help engineers in the maintenance and fault finding process, both the LEDs and the address
switches can be viewed without having to remove the cover of the mounting box. The LEDs, being
multi colour, provide diagnostic information regarding the status of the output. For ease of installation, testing and maintenance, the field wiring terminals are of a plug in design.

  • 240Vac mains switching
  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Surface mounting option
  • Bi-colour LED status indication
  • Built-in Short Circuit Isolators
  • Visible Address selector switches
  • Plug in connectors
  • Approved to GEA GEI 1-082 and CEA GEI 1-084