582474 (L-VJM20A/EN) 20 W Unidirectional Sound Projector

This loudspeaker is a high-performance 20 W voice alarm unidirectional sound projector. It provides a broad frequency response range, low distortion and high sound pressure level for accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages and high quality sound reproduction. It can be used in indoor, outdoor, dry, or wet applications, providing reliable operations over wide temperature and humidity ranges. Its lowprofile, white color design blends easily with most interiors in locations such as hotels, conference rooms, cinemas, theme parks, factories and exhibitions. This voice alarm unidirectional sound projector complies with BS 5839 part 8 and is certified according to EN 54 part 24.

A durable bracket is provided for quick installation and flexible angle adjustment. Besides, this unidirectional loudspeaker can be ceiling mount with a bracket.
Power setting
The product comes with a one meter, fire resistant six core cable already attached to the ceramic connector. The cable is a bundle of wires color coordinated corresponding to the different power taps of the transformer. The cable connector is mounted on the back cover for easy installation

  • Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction
  • Ceiling or wall mount
  • Meets virtually any outdoor requirements
  • Water and dust protected to IP65
  • Complies with EN 54-24 standard