JT-MCR30-ID, 45-ID, 55-ID are our 125KHz EM Card Readers that provide a
solution for security managers, dealers and integrators. JT-MCR30-ID, 45-ID,
55-ID are robust, affordable and seamlessly integrated with access control systems that enforce a higher
level of security with stability and reliability.

JT-MCR55-ID scans the keypad entries and then transmits the data to the host system via the Wiegand data lines.

The reader outputs each key as a 4-bit Wiegand output in standard. The reader offer consistent read range in
an easy to install package.

• 125KHz, Contactless EM Card Reader
• Read range: up to 2.4 in.(6cm)
• Built-in audible buzzer
• Host LED control
• Hidden mounting screws deter vandalism
• Wiegand Output Interface
• Keypad with backlight (JR-MCR55-ID)