Management software

This management software has intuitive interface, easy operation, complete functions, and has user authority management, group management, and log management. Management, video equipment management, electronic map management, alarm processing and alarm log functions.

The HVPS-MVMS client management terminal can import and export network cameras/network hard disk records in batches through CSV files Camera IP address, easy to operate. In addition, users can also search for online IP devices, add and repair them with one-click changing the IP address of the device and grouping the devices in each area can greatly improve the efficiency of system integration.

The HVPS-MVMS client management terminal supports the two-way intercom function of the picture preview channel, which can help users to make timely stop related emergency hazardous behaviors. Supports electronic zoom and screenshot functions during preview and playback, allowing users to
Timely and effectively obtain detailed pictures.

Users can also adjust the bit rate of each channel flexibly according to the needs of different channels to ensure the streaming of the video preview screen smoothness. HVPS-MVMS client management terminal adopts H.265 high-performance video codec technology to restore for users high-quality and smooth images, while greatly reducing the bandwidth and disk occupancy rate, saving downloads for users
Time, hard disk storage space and budget expenditure.

  • General function
    • Support viewing client resource usage.
    • Support the electronic map function, which can add, delete and modify the electronic map modify and view the electronic map, zoom and move the electronic map, etc. operate.
    • Support two application environments: local area network and public network.
    • Support user authority management function.
    • Support device activation
    • Increase the reserved mailbox setting when the device is activated, and support box to reset the password.
    • Support local and remote backup of video files.
    • Support log query, backup and alarm picture export function.
    • Support regular backup of system configuration files.
    • Support the import and export of configuration files.
  • Preview
    • Maximum support for 64-screen standard split and 48-screen widescreen split
    • Support view operation and instant playback, support main and auxiliary screen preview
    • Support client preview and playback screen rotation function
    • Support one-key cruise shortcuts
    • The preview and playback window can customize the toolbar display and sorting
    • Support the client to restart after abnormal exit to keep the preview interface before exit
  • Video
    • Support scheduled configuration of timing recording, event recording, and command trigger recording.
    • Support local configuration of storage server.
    • Support loop overwrite recording and delete expired recording.
  • Replay
    • Support dual stream playback (requires device support).
    • Support local playback and remote playback, up to 16 channels at the same time playback.
    • Support instant replay, time replay, event replay, smart replay, report alarm input event playback and video summary playback.
    • Supports up to 16 times speed playback.
    • Supports automatic encoding of videos downloaded by the client.
    • Support the soft-decompression capture when the fisheye is unfolded.
    • Support precise positioning of playback time.
    • Support multi-monitoring point download, can download the video of multiple monitoring points at the same time document.
  • Flexible
    • Support remote PTZ control
    • Support the configuration and operation of preset points, trajectories and cruises
    • Support remote 3D positioning, one-key focus, wiper and other functions
    • Support directly opening the dome menu on the pan/tilt control panel
  • Equipment management
    • One-click search for online devices
    • Add devices through IP address, domain name, IP segment and batch import
    • Modification and deletion of area and equipment parameters
    • Import or export device information
    • The upper limit of device access is 256, and the channel is also 256. NVR counts as one devices, the connected cameras are calculated according to the channel
    • Generate grouping by device
  • Incident management
    • Support remote setting of alarm (motion detection, video occlusion) priority and linkage client action
  • The internet
    • Support equipment online upgrade.
    • Support NTP (network time) protocol and device online search.
    • Support IP Server to add devices and batch import of devices.
    • Support codec equipment
    • Support the online user viewing function of the device.
    • Support voice intercom and broadcast functions.