Standard 86 type tempered qlass contactless IC card reader with scrambled keypad-black

Honeywell’s HON-JR series card reader products adopt a simple and low-key design concept and easily integrate into the modern high-end building decoration environment. The integrated tempered glass panel, ultra-thin frame design, abandon the complexity and weight, giving people a minimalist visual experience; dot matrix keyboard character design with elegant white backlight, reflecting more modern design elements.


• High reliability: 100% products have undergone strict aging and card reading test, the average failure rate is less than 1‰
• Ultra-low power consumption: powerful guarantee of super stability, flat the average working current is lower than similar products, reducing control controller burden
• Card reading time: less than 0.1 seconds
• Support near-field induction, when close to the card reading area, back the light automatically lights up
• Support Mifare card reader
• Support sequence password input (HON JR55B/W)
• Support out-of-order password input (HON-JR60B)
• Built-in dual LED display lights, support door status reverse feed display
• Built-in buzzer, there will be voice prompts when reading information
• Wiegand output interface, level signal input interface