Standard 86 type tempered qlass contactless IC card reader with fixed keypad-white

Honeywell’s HON-JR series card reader products adopt a simple and low-key design concept and easily integrate into the modern high-end building decoration environment. The integrated tempered glass panel, ultra-thin frame design, abandon the complexity and weight, giving people a minimalist visual experience; dot matrix keyboard character design with elegant white backlight, reflecting more modern design elements.


Humanized design

  • When no one passes by, it is in a quiet standby state and blends with the surrounding environment. When someone approaches, it will sense it and automatically display interactive lights to prompt the user to operate. The interactive lighting of the card reader is displayed at the bottom, and the light is reflected by the uniquely designed inclined surface at the bottom, which is more uniform and soft, allowing users to fully experience the beauty of the light details.

    Diversified products
  • HON-JR series products provide more choices to meet different environmental and functional requirements. The Mini series is small and exquisite and can be installed on narrow door frames; the 86 series meets the standards of the electric decoration industry and is easy to install. Customers can freely choose the method of identity authentication, which can be a card, a PIN code or a combination of the two.

    Better security protection
  • In the event of forced disassembly or damage, the product will automatically alarm and send an alarm signal to the controller to remind the user to deal with it in time. The character position of the out-of-order keyboard is different every time the keyboard is displayed, and the password cannot be judged by the fingerprint imprint, which can effectively prevent the password from leaking.
  • Simple installation The card reader module and the installation backplane are designed with a separate press-and-button design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. It is waterproof and dustproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions.
  • High reliability: 100% of products have passed strict aging and card reading tests, and the average failure rate is less than 1%.
  • Card reading time: less than 0.1 seconds
  • Ultra-low power consumption: strong guarantee of super stability, the average working current is lower than similar products, reducing the burden on the controller
  • Built-in dual LED display lights, support door status feedback display
  • Support sequence password input (HON-JR55B-IC, HON-JR55W-IC)
  • Supports near-field sensing, the backlight automatically lights up when it is close to the card reading area
  • Built-in buzzer, voice prompt when reading information
  • Support Mifare card reading (default reading CSN fixed card serial number, support reading Mifare sector)
  • Wiegand output interface, level signal input interface