Honeywell HON-FIN4000 Series Standard Fingerprint Device

Featuring brand new design, HON-FIN4000 series fingerprint device can be well integrated with multiple surrounding environment. Full capacitive touch keypads along with 2-inch color LCD display brings
an intuitive and friendly interactive experience. The new generation optical sensors can capture and process clear fingerprint images even under less desirable conditions, and can accurately identify wet and dry fingerprints and common fake fingerprints.

Equipped with powerful hardware and industry-leading algorithms, the device provides instant comparison and authentication with speed up to 150,000 fingerprints per second, that greatly improves the system

With large memory, the device supports up to 100,000 users (one fingerprint per user) that makes it suitable for large traffic flow scenarios. In addition, it can keep up to millions of logs while the server connection
breaks. The device also supports multiple authentication to meet diverse customer requirements.

Combined with Honeywell Pro-Watch® and WIN-PAK® access control system to achieve multi-level security protection, it can be deployed in office environment, data-centers, R&D laboratories, hospitals, Airports,


• 2-inch color LCD display, full capacitive touch keypads
• 1.2GHz quad-core CPU with large capacity memory
• High sensitivity optical sensor
• Advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm, max. 1:150,000 match/sec
• Fake finger detection(Rubber, paper, glue, clay)
• Programmable function keys
• Multiple authentication
• Versatile Interfaces: RS-485/TTL/Relay/Wiegand
• TCP/IP network connect
• 16bit Hi-Fi