Finqerprint Reader 100k User w/o key

Equipped with advanced fingerprint recognition technology and top hardware configuration, the device provides class-leading performance which brings unparalleled user experience and high security level of
protection to customer.

The device can effectively identify common fake fingerprints by featuring advanced fingerprint detection function. With large memory, the devicevsupports up to 100,000 users (one fingerprint per user) that makes it suitable for large traffic flow scenarios. Meanwhile, the device supports both low frequency 125kHz and high frequency 13.56MHz cards to meet the needs of different users and scenarios, adding flexibility to the
system design.

Configured multiple interfaces (RS-485 / TTL / Relay / Wiegand), the device is ideal for easy networking and unified management. The slender and compact design allows it to be installed on narrow mounting surfaces, such as glass / aluminum door mullion, turnstiles, etc. Up to IP67 protection level, it brings perfect access control solution in harsh environments.

Combined with Honeywell Pro-Watch® and WIN-PAK® access control system to achieve multi-level security protection, it can be deployed in office buildings, data-centers, R&D laboratories, hospitals, airports, etc.


• Slender and compact design brushed metal panel
• 1.2GHz quad-core CPU with large capacity memory
• High sensitivity optical sensor
• Advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm, max. 1:150,000 match/sec
• Fake finger detection(rubber, paper, glue, clay)
• Multi card identification: EM/HID_Prox/Mifare/DesFire_EV1/iClass_SE/Seos
• Versatile Interfaces: RS-485/TTL/Relay/Wiegand
• TCP/IP network connect
• Multi-Color LED, Multi-tone Buzzer
• IP67 Protection