MAXPRO Viewer software for viewing multiple Honeywell recorders and integration to Pro-Watch®. Supports 5 clients and MAXPRO NVR, ADPRO Series NVRs, Performance Series NVRs & DVRs.

MAXPRO® VIEWER Multi-Site View Software

MAXPRO® Viewer is Honeywell’s latest addition to the MAXPRO family. MAXPRO Viewer is a freeware software application that allows multi-site viewing of Honeywell recorders including MAXPRO® NVR, Rapid Eye™, Fusion, HRXD/SD and HRDP series. These recorders may be grouped into sites and viewed simultaneously through salvos and on multiple monitors. This creates a single command point where video and events can be viewed from a single user interface through the range of Honeywell recorders.

MAXPRO Viewer also provides integration of Honeywell recorders to the Pro-Watch® security management system. Access control events can trigger camera displays or saved salvo camera displays, resulting in a tightly-integrated video and access system.

Market Opportunities
MAXPRO Viewer is ideal for facilities requiring monitoring of video from multiple Honeywell recorders through a single software interface.

It is also ideal for applications that require integration to Pro-Watch, where access control and video are integrated seamlessly. It offers one command point with access control and video clients working together.

  • Feature-rich and user-friendly interface to view search and create clips from a single point
  • Integrates with Pro-Watch to enable superior access control with a wide range of video capabilities
  • Manage recorders into logical sites with partition management and customization of user privileges
  • Create and save salvos that can be shared with other users and controlled by access control events
  • Surrounding Cameras feature provides easier tracking of subjects between cameras for better efficiency of your video system
  • Auto-discovery of cameras connected to MAXPRO NVR, Rapid Eye, Fusion, HRXD/SD and HRDP
  • Supports multiple monitors on the same PC by allowing the application to be run multiple times on the same machine
  • Investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm video at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm.
  • Enriched video viewing experience through the intuitive video rendering engine that optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate
  • Search and find video through event view or timeline. Preview search allows viewing a snapshot at various times to quickly narrow the scene of interest.