Honeywell Morley-IAS HM Series detectors incorporate modern hardware and software technology driven developments. An advanced optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less
liable to false alarm from dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure.

Extensive hydrodynamic modelling has confirmed the greater efficiency of the chamber and housing shape combination. Large-scale integration of the electronics, through the fully automated surface mount PCB
assembly, coupled with in-line testing through the manufacturing process, laser PCB cutting along with a completely new compound of plastic offers improved quality and reliability.

All detectors are environmentally friendly and meet the WEEE and RoHS legislative requirements, minimising end of life disposal costs.

Product Range
The family consists of four detection devices: two heat detectors (58° and a rate of rise), an optical smoke, and a photo-thermal multi-sensor. The detector base makes the installation process easy and quick.
These sensors are designed for open area protection and must only be connected to fire alarm panels that use a compatible proprietary communication protocol for monitoring and control (DXc panels R7, 8, 9).

Specifications: Optical Smoke / Thermal Multi-Criteria Fire Detectors
The optical-thermal sensor uses thermal assistance to the core photoelectric smoke detector to give enhanced false alarm immunity and faster response to a wide range of incipient fires. The plug-in unit combines two separate sensing elements that are managed by embedded software to act as a single unit.

The optical-thermal detector conforms to EN54-7, a 58°C fixed temperature and rate of rise thermal assistance conforming to EN54-5. The thermal detection function combines thermistor technology with a software corrected linear temperature response. In areas where the normal daytime activities may potentially create unwanted alarms, the detector can be programmed to operate in a “heat only” mode, automatically reverting to full photo-thermal operation during unoccupied periods.

The sensing elements of the HM-PTSE optical-thermal detector are adjustable so the sensitivity thresholds of each element can be changed by the panel offering the ability to customise the device for the changing use of the area it is protecting. The detector has two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.

  • Rotary decade address switches
  • Aesthetic design to harmonise with the modern built environment
  • Base complements the detector and is easy to installe and wire
  • Genuine and fast response
  • Advanced protocol and smoothing filter to suppress false alarm
  • Easy to maintain (washable filter)
  • Analog addressable communication
  • Enhanced smoke chamber design to reduce false alarms by dust or contamination
  • Dual integrated LED for 360° visibility
  • LPCB approved
  • Conforms to EN54-7/ EN54-5 and EN54-29
  • Environment friendly – meets RoHS legislative requirements
  • For DXc fire alarm panels R7, 8, 9