HM-DCZRM-UL is a standard-sized module used to monitor and supervise compatible two-wire,
24-Volt, smoke on a Class B circuit.

The HM-DCZRM-UL Interface Module is intended for use in intelligent, addressable systems, where the
individual address of each module is selected using built-in rotary switches. This module allows intelligent
panels to interface and monitor two-wire conventional smoke detectors. It transmits the status (normal, open, or alarm) of one full zone of conventional detectors back to the control panel. All two-wire detectors being monitored must be UL compatible with the module.

  • Supports compatible two-wire smoke detectors
  • Supervises IDC wiring and connection of external power source
  • High noise (EMF/RFI) immunity
  • SEMS screws with clamping plates for ease of wiring
  • Direct-dial entry of address: 61 -99 for models SMX and STX
  • LED flashes during normal operation
  • LED steadily illuminates to indicate an alarm on command from the control panel