3MP IR Lens,3-10.5mm,DC-iris,1 2.7in CS

HL lens series HD zoom lens and HD electric zoom lens
Honeywell’s ultra-high resolution lens brings excellent performance to megapixel cameras, Innovative optical technology brings high-resolution visual presentation. Honeywell HL mirror the head series includes 8 million pixels, 6 MP, 3 MP, 2 MP, 1.3 MP and high-definition electric zoom lens series, suitable for room indoor and outdoor application scenes.

With the popularity of megapixel cameras, the demand for corresponding megapixel lenses has also increased. In addition to passing in the traditional transportation field, other emerging industry applications such as urban surveillance also list high-definition systems as the first choice. Honeywell HL lens series, using high-purity lens material, and adopting innovative optical technology to improve the grinding of the lens Precision and coating precision, which brings excellent visual effects.

Honeywell HL lens series brings together high-quality spherical lenses, lightweight structure, and stable performance. To ensure the highest quality optical effects, transmission and convergence.

  • Mature optical design, so that the image surface is flat and the image quality is clear
  • Efficient and compact design, equipped with a locking structure to ensure that the set state is always stable
  • Near-infrared aberration correction in place
  • Exquisite coating and lens technology, effectively improving the transparency of the picture