HL-M0600LS-D: HONEYWELL 600lbs Traction Electromagnetic Door Latch Lock, With Lock Signal And Led Light, Contact Mount

HL Series 300lbs / 600lbs / 1200lbs Electric Locks

Honeywell HL Series electric locks include 300lbs, 600lbs and 1200lbs locks for different requirements.
The HL locks are suitable for various door types – single, dual, inswing, outswing, wooden, glass,
frameless glass doors. Some of the models are water-proof which are designed for outdoor installations
in commercial buildings, residential, transportation and industrial.


  • 600lbs tensile force, with lock signal and LED, exposed mounting, double
  • Door magnetic lock
  • Body size: 500 (L) × 42 (H) × 26 (D) mm
  • Iron plate size: 185 (L) × 38 (W) × 12.5 (T) mm
  • Select input voltage: 12V / 24VDC
  • Current consumption: 500mA/12VDC, 250mA/24VDC
  • Built-in: built-in surge absorber
  • Tensile force: 600lbs (about 250KG)
  • Optional product model:
    • Iron plate installation auxiliary slot: HL-A2185
    • Adjustable L bracket: HL-A2006L
    • LZ bracket: HL-A2006LZ
    • Curved LZ bracket: HL-A2006AC
    • Door clamp for glass door: HL-A2185G