Intevio 24-Zone Expander


About The Intevio Public Address And Voice Alarm
Honeywell’s INTEVIO Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, costsavings, and higher user experience and performance:
Better safety and stability
• Complies with international standards
• A highly compact and integrated system
• Simple and easy to use with an innovative design
• Provides easy access to status updates, amplifier backup, logging and direct paging capabilities
Highly efficient solution
• Plug-and-play with default settings
• Intuitive set-up with step-by-step guided interaction between buttons and screens
• Can achieve all calls by configurable keys
• Auto configures when components are physically connected

HEX-24 is the zone expansion device controlled by HCU2000, which adds 24 speaker zones and 24 contact inputs to the INTEVIO system. HEX-24 can connect with up to 6 external power amplifiers and 1 backup amplifier. Up to 5 nos. of HEX-24 can be used together in the system.

HEX-24 has 24 contact inputs that can be linked with the fire alarm system to trigger the alert and
evacuation messages when fire happens. 1 line input is provided to connect with external audio source.
HEX-24 has 24 nos. of 100V speaker outputs which can connect up to 24 speaker circuits. One 24VDC
output is provided to power external device.

Automatic fault diagnosis
HEX-24 has powerful automatic fault diagnosis function to supervise various types of faults such as main power, backup power, CPU, power amplifier, speaker circuits, communication line, etc. All the fault information will be shown on the LED indicators on the front panel.
Allow broadcast even the controller CPU malfunctions
The external audio source connected to the line input can still be delivered to all the local zones when the controller CPU malfunctions. This function can reduce the system downtime due CPU failure and increase the safety level during emergency.

  • Expands up to 24 Zones for INTEVIO system
  • Supports one-for-all amplifier backup
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • With 1 line input and 24 contact inputs