HAM-2000: HONEYWELL INTEVIO ขยายสัญญาณ Amplifier ระบบเสียงประกาศสาธารณะและระบบเตือนภัยด้วยเสียง

About The Intevio Public Address And Voice Alarm Range
Honeywell’s INTEVIO Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, cost savings, and higher user experience and performance:

Better safety and stability
• Complies with international standards
• A highly compact and integrated system
• Simple and easy to use with an innovative design
• Provides easy access to status updates, amplifier backup, logging and direct paging capabilities
Highly efficient solution
• Plug-and-play with default settings
• Intuitive set-up with step-by-step guided interaction between buttons and screens
• Can achieve all calls by configurable keys
• Auto configures when components are physically connected

HAM-2000 high efficiency power amplifier provides audio signal amplification for the INTEVIO voice alarm and public address system. It is reliable, efficient and light in weight.


HAM-2000 supports balanced/unbalanced audio inputs and 100V/70V speaker outputs. It also has a 100V audio input port to connect with the output from other amplifier so that the output power can be increased easily. A contact output is provided to send out the fault status to 3rd system when a fault is detected. Through the RJ45 port, HAM-2000 receives the audio signal and control signal from the controller HCU-2000 or the zone expander HEX-8/HEX-24 and sends back the fault status.

Automatic fault detection and self-protection
HAM-2000 can self-protect from overheat, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and short circuit. For example, when the internal temperature reaches its critical limit, the overheat protection circuit will shut down the power amplification module and activate the protection indicator light on the front panel. HAM-2000 can detect power supply errors automatically during operation. The built-in fuse will provide overcurrent protection to the main power supply. When a shout circuit is detected in the main power circuit, the power will be automatically shut down and the backup power will then be enabled to replace the main one.

  • 500W high efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • High flexibility: with 100V/70V output & 100V audio input
  • Enhanced reliability: automatic fault detection, self-protection & forced air cooling fan

Technical Specifications

Main power supply voltage~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Backup power supply voltage~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption<720W
Main power supply fuseT10AH 250V
Amplifier output70V / 100V
Rated output power500W
Frequency response80Hz~18KHz (+1dB ~ – 3dB)
Input impedance20KΩ
Input sensitivity(RJ-45)1.4V
AUX. input 11.4V
AUX. input 2100V
Audio cascade output1.4V
SNR>100 dB, A weighted
Non-linear distortion< 0.1% (at 1/3 rated power, 1kHz)
Indicator lightsPower, main power fault, backup power fault, protection and signal level indicator
Cooling methodAir cooling
Humidity< 95%, without condensing
Operating temperature-10°C~+55°C(14°F to +131°F)
Storage temperature-40°C~+70°C(-40°F to +158°F)
Product dimension (W*H*D)482 mm×88 mm ×407 mm
Package dimension (W*H*D)580 mm×235 mm ×552mm
Net weight10.6Kg
Gross weight13.2Kg

Note: Honeywell reserves the right, without notification, to make changes in product design and/ or specifications.