Honeywell Bluetooth USB Dongle is an elegant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) product that is used for seamlessly interfacing with the Morley STX and SMX fire panel models.

The Honeywell Bluetooth Dongle (HONBLEKIT2) is a plug and play module that enables wireless
communication between the panel and the Honeywell SmartConfig™ mobile application for simple, smart and secure commissioning and maintenance operations.

The HONBLEKIT2 is compatible with SmartConfig version onwards.

Following are the features of Honeywell wireless commissioning:

  • Provides seamless wireless low power Bluetooth Connectivity to Morley STX and SMX fire panel models
  • Eases the panel commissioning and maintenance operations through Honeywell SmartConfig™ Mobile app
  • Enables productivity through a simple interface
  • Eliminates the need to carry laptops, cables and so on to the site for configuration