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The TG Morley-IAS graphic program allows fast and easy administration of any incident that arises in one or more centres directly from a PC. It is possible to include sounds, voice or video for any type of incident arising in the system.

Using the TG administration program, it is possible to read off the state of each item of equipment and to determine its state, describe the type of signal, deletion etc.

The history system enables events to be listed or printed out on the basis of the type of equipment, the event, the date, the user etc.

Connection with the systems can be made directly to the serial port of the administration computer (15 metres according to the RS232C standard)
or by means of the protocol. Through its own Intranet system to any geographical point.

An SMS message transmitter (reference TGGSM) may be connected to send selected events to the mobile GSM telephones indicated.

The event, the equipment, the incident, the address and the time can be displayed.

The program comprises 128 access levels with user-configuration permits.

The simulation option allows incidents to be generated and the indications to be visualized.

The maintenance option generates a list showing the state of the equipment and enables selected items of equipment to be monitored.

It is possible for links to be created between planes, so that planes can be changed automatically according to the state and the path to any alarmed or damaged equipment can be indicated.

The Morley-IAS system can also comprise BIEs, evacuation routes etc. in the extinguisher levels. This should also show the state, maintenance recommendations and instructions.

The different items of the installation can be arranged on BMP levels in different formats (640 x 480; 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixels depending on the configuration of the screen. The sensors and the input and output modules can be represented by using a complete library of icons included with the application or by means of geometric forms, so that a part of the plane can be highlighted if there is a change of state in an item of equipment. The installation planes can be linked to changes of plane and counters of equipment that has been alarmed, damaged, deleted etc. Optionally, an indication for the physical direction of each item of equipment can be included.

In the event of an alarm or any other event, a graphic representation of the condition of the sensor is shown in realtime. In this way, we can rapidly assess the development of the alarm and react accordingly, even
before the system can initiate the evacuation process.

The program has the option of a rapid display of the state of the loop equipment. This screen will indicate the current condition of the 99 sensors and the 99 input and output modules. By pressing the selected equipment, it is possible to access its location in the plane or even to modify its configuration.


Honeywell TGP-DXC. TGP-DXC DXC central additional expansion license Licencia adicional de programa de graficos para centrales dxc. permite la conexion de una central.

  • Programm expansion license for graphic management of DXC TGP-DXC centrals.
  • For the control of an additional central within the TG-XXX base program or main control post.
  • It allows you to reset, silence sirens, cancel / enable points and zones.
  • Know the location and status of the devices in the different plans of an installation.
  • Import the description of the devices of the central and create a maintenance file with the analog value of the sensors.
  • For the management of additional exchanges, as many expansion software licenses as control panels TGP-DXC are required.