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DETECTOR BASE Mosfet Isolator Base Std

The System Sensor B524IEFT-1 isolator base is designed for use with all System Sensor 200 analogue addressable detectors. The B524IEFT isolator base prevents an entire communications loop from being disabled when a short circuit occurs. It achieves this by isolating the part of the loop containing the short from the remainder of the circuit. The base will automatically restore the entire loop when the cause of the short circuit is corrected. Up to 20 devices may be isolated per isolator base, depending on the device type (see tables 1 and 2).

This base accepts the following System Sensor detectors : 1551E, 2551E, 5551E, 5551HTE, 5551RE, 1251E and 2251E.

The table below shows the maximum number of detectors and modules that can be installed between

  • Low profile (26mm)
  • Low Current consumption (100 µA)
  • Up to 99 isolators per loop
  • Complete isolation of short circuits
  • Automatic restore when short circuit is corrected
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Remote LED Connection
  • Sensor continues to operate in case of a short circuit on either side of isolator base