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The 315-080 Remote Fire Annunciator is a compact, backlit LCD display designed for use with compatible FACPs (Fire Alarm Control Panels). The display mimics the FACP display and is capable of displaying English-language text of system point status including device type, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory zone and custom alpha labels programmed into the FACP. Refer to the FACP manual installation section for detailed system information and wiring.


The 315-040 is an LED driver module that can be used in a wide variety of applications including as an interface with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to drive most customized graphic annunciators. It comes in a plastic enclosure that may be mounted inside a custom annunciator or accessory cabinet and can drive up to 40 LEDs.

The 315-040 and the FACP communicate over a twowire serial interface employing the RS485 Repeater-Bus
communication format. An additional two wires are used for 24-volt DC power. A single four-conductor unshielded cable may be used for both power and data communications.

Up to eight RS485 Repeater-Bus devices may be connected to the RS485 Repeater-Bus of each FACP.