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Here’s a cost-effective Voice Alarm system that’s perfect for public places with a requirement of less than 8 loudspeaker circuits (zones). In the event of an emergency, the Evaclite can broadcast evacuation or alert messages to all zones through its built-in loudspeaker. It can also receive information from fire alarm panels and play automated/pre-recorded EVAC/ALERT messages to ensure the safe evacuation of people.
The Evaclite PKG comes with a rich suite of features that enhance its functionalities, such as digital signal processor, special monitoring volume control, built-in USB and local control panel.

  • 775 mV Line Output
  • AC 220V ± 10% 50 / 50 Hz Power Supply Voltage
  • 5A Power Output Capability
  • 20W Rated Power
  • 20 Hz 〜 20 KHz Frequency Response
  • 10.6Kg Gross Weight