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6 W 6.5″ ceiling loudspeaker EN 54.SAFE, metal

With its flat form, these novel type DL-E 06-165/T-EN 54.SAFE is optically a good fit for the ceilings for
which they were designed. The SAFE versions are equipped with a premounted ceramic terminal and a
thermal fuse. The 6.5″ broadband loudspeaker chassis, which is impregnated against humidity,
distinguishes itself by way of its high degree of effectiveness. Typically, the 6 W, 3 W, or 1.5 W power
setting. The spring latch (3 pieces) guarantees uncomplicated and quick mounting onto The ceiling. In the
standard version, a protective cover made out of a synthetic material is mounted to the back side of the
loudspeaker, but a fire dome certified according to the EN 54 Part 24 standard is optionally available as
well. This is also necessary in order to mount this SAFE-type also in projects which require compliance with
BS 5839-8.

Fire dome for ceiling speaker

Fire dome (FE 165.1) for the 6″ ceiling loudspeaker (Part No. 582408) for increased passive safety. This
fire dome, in combination with the aforementioned ceiling loudspeaker, is certified according to EN 54-24.
The fire dome prevents the chimney suction effect with hanging ceilings in case of a fire, for instance after
the blow-out of the loudspeaker membrane.