MODBUS interface module. Requires an RS485 card to be fitted in the control panel.

The Modbus interface unit connects to the RS-485 peripheral bus of the ZX series fire alarm control panels
and allows panel interrogation by a Modbus control system. Information on the states of panel outputs,
peripherals, detectors and the general operating condition of the panel can be requested.

The unit consists of a circuit card mounted on a steel plate within a polycarbonate IP67 rated enclosure, as
shown above. Pre-pressed knock-outs on the box sides allow cable entry glands to be fitted for power and
communication line wiring.

A DC supply in the range of 18-28 Vdc, typically 24 Vdc, rated at 150 mA, is required to power the interface, An on board switch mode power supply isolates this input from all communication circuitry. An adequate DC
supply can be obtained from the fire control panels auxiliary 24 Vdc output (see fire control panel manual).

An earth reference should be connected to the Modbus Interface Platforms Earth termination point from the
supply earth (i.e. fire control panel entry gland).

For a complete listing of the commands supported please refer to the installation guidelines and commissioning instructions, document EXP-057.

  • Modbus protolcol supported
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Integrates seemlessly with ZX control panels
  • RS232 third party data port