4 Way, Programmable Output Relay Module, PCB only. Requires 24 Vdc supply and an RS485 card to be fitted in the control panel.

The 4-way programmable relay card is a compact remote I/O device for the ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control panels. This device, along with other remote I/O devices, the repeater units and the external printer provide a complete range of peripheral devices to further enhance the functionality and expandability of the ZX series systems.

The 4-way relay card consists of 4 relay outputs built on a single printed circuit board. Each output relay
provides single pole double throw (SPDT) switching action for other locally powered equipment. The form
C relay contacts are designed to switch resistive loads of up to 1A/24V ac/dc.

The 4-way relay card connects to the ZX series control panels via the RS485 peripheral port (Port D). An RS485 communication card must be fitted in the ZX series control panel for that purpose.

The “Auto-Learn” facility in the ZX series control panels will automatically add each relay output to the list of relay outputs in the panel. Each of these relays can be assigned to any zone on the system and can be individually programmed for NORMAL, DELAYED, or DOUBLEKNOCK operation.

The 4-way relay card requires a 24V to 28 Vdv external power supply to operate. Power may be taken from the auxillary power supply output on the ZX series control panel or any other suitable DC supply of suitable voltage and current rating.

The RS485 peripheral address is set via an onboard DIP switch and other peripherals such as repeaters can be daisy chained together on the same line. Up to a maximum of thirty-one, fourway programmable relay cardscan be connected to a peripheral bus. This number is reduced when any other peripheral devices are used on the same bus.

  • Provides four individually programmable relay outputs
  • Compatible with ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control panels
  • RS485 communication
  • Connects to the peripheral bus (Port D) on the fire alarm panel
  • Up to 31 on one peripheral bus
  • Easy DIP switch addressing
  • Normal, delayed or double-knock operation options
  • LED relay status indication
  • Contact rating: 1A at 24V AC/DC