ADPRO iFT-E 32IP-2x6TB-20inputs/8outputs (4HDD Ready)
63021510 / 63041610 / 63041810 / 63081020 / 63081820 / 63082620

Introducing the ADPRO iFT-E Series, the next generation of ADPRO NVR+ platforms, offering low total cost of ownership (TCO) for ADPRO multi-service features, quality, and reliability in a super IP solution

The ADPRO iFT-E is the “32:32 vision” IP video multi-service platform that runs the powerful XO 5 Security+ Operating System*. It is the only NVR out there that offers full remote monitoring features such as arming/disarming, event quad pictures, and reliable transmission via a proprietary acknowledge protocol. The iFT-E optimises bandwidth use for high quality recording by multistream camera connections, adapting video transmission to the available bandwidth.

Designed for remote operation, ADPRO iFT-E supports the viewing of video and events through networked clients, including CMS and VMS software and the iTrace mobile application for 24/365 monitoring and control wherever you are. ADPRO Xchange2 also allows you to remotely manage the licensing of additional IP and analytics channels for ultimate flexibility.

  • Deep Learning LoiterTrace™ for video verified loiter detection with reduced fault alarm and increased detection accuracy
  • P2P connection available for easy and flexible remote connection
  • End to end secure streaming where video is encrypted (HTTPS) from the camera right through to the viewer to avoid tampering (when connecting with 30s and 60s cameras) (4)
  • Support optional self-encryption hard drive for security data at rest to avoid data tempering risk in case hard drive was removed from device (5).
  • The Secure Boot feature helps detect tampering with the boot loaders, operating system files, and unauthorized option ROMs by validating their digital signatures.
  • Integration with the Honeywell 30 Series and 60 Series IP cameras, iFT, iFT-E and iFT gateway can be used as part of video systems which comply with NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) 2019, Section 889.
  • Scalable: up to 32 IP cameras and up to 32 analytics channels (32:32 vision)
  • Supports up to 32 high-definition analogue cameras over IP via Honeywell Performance Series HQA DVRs.
  • Support for all major camera brands: ACTI, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Hikvision, Hikvision AVE, Honeywell (Performance series (2), equIP Series (2), equIP Series 2019 (3), HDZ Series (2), 30/60 Series (3)), JVC, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Uniview (3), VISTA(3), and FLIR(3), and support ONVIF Profile S & T Compliant IP Cameras
  • Expandable: up to 168 inputs and 144 outputs (on the box : 8 in / 4 out or 20 in / 8 out depending on model)
  • Easy IP camera connection via ONVIF Profile S & T protocol
  • Video recording, video analytics, and transmission (all remote monitoring ready)
  • Reliable data storage: up to 4 x 16 TB HDD, RAID 1 support (needs minimum 2 equal HDD)
  • Integrated xTrace video content analytics (VCA) in XO 5: IntrusionTrace, LoiterTrace and Deep Learning Loiter Trace
  • 2-way audio: enables instant remote communication to/from site
  • High-level integration with ADPRO PRO E-Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors, including communication over IP, intelligent double knock, and creep zone alarm
  • Mobile apps for remote monitoring, verification, and control
  • CMS command and control platforms: VideoCentral Platinum (VCP) and iOS/Android iTrace App
  • Open platform: easy integration with third-party software (XO-SDK)
  • Superior detection and low false alarm rate with low CapEx. Highest quality of protection at a low TCO.
  • Highest site protection: powerful new XO 5 delivering intrusion and loitering analytics.
  • Reliability: ADPRO proprietary transmission protocol is 100% reliable with guaranteed alarm reception by acknowledgment and redundant transmission; Site Pulse protocol life check.
  • Efficiency: H.264/H.265 video compression and multistream for optimal bandwidth usage while providing the highest quality video fo recording and viewing.
  • Low TCO: up to 32 IP cameras per device yielding the lowest price per channel.
  • Easy management of multiple remote sites improves efficiency and reduces personnel cost. Full remote site surveillance and control, extending human guard surveillance.
  • Speed: rapid assessment of video alarm images allows to quickly identify the alarm cause, optimizing real-time intervention while reducing expensive nuisance alarm responses.
  • Alarm reception in less than 7 seconds.
  • Extremely fast, intelligent search on motion metadata after recording.
  • VMD: 4 zones per camera.
  • User-friendly: easy-to-use XO client for configuration and management.
  • Xchange2 for adding video and VCA licenses
  • Bulk firmware upgrade remotely
  • Supporting new licensing type switchable between LoiterTrace and IntrusionTrace.
  • 360° camera support + image de-warping: see everything, everywhere, always.
  • BS 8418:2015 compliant