Under Voltage and neutral supervision module

The neutral conductor monitoring module (Part No. 584970) should be used to protect against a break in the neutral conductor occurring. This module is connected upstream with the MSU contactor (Part No. 584971) and enables the safe and immediate all-pole interruption of the power supply in the event of:

  • undervoltage
  • phase failure
  • asymmetry, including for reverse voltage
  • neutral conductor missing in the system
  • neutral conductor break in the device supply cable
  • neutral conductor mixed up with phase.
  • Single phase connection possible

  • Compliant to IEC/EN 60 255, DIN VDE 0435-303
  • Single phase connection possible
  • Fixed setting value
  • Closed circuit operation principle
  • LED indicator
  • With safe disconnection compliant to IEC/EN 61 140, IEC/EN 60 947-1 between the Measuring Circuit and the contacts
  • Independent of phase sequence
  • 2 changeover contacts