PAMMI Plus server/client

Combination of PAMMI Plus server (Part No. 583651) and client software (Part No. 583652), so that the
entire PAMMI Plus Management System can be operated with full functionality on a PC.
This software includes the complete functionality of PAMMI Plus server (Part No. 583651) and client (Part
No. 583652). Software license including USB-Dongle.

  • Supports to stream audio into VARIODYN D1
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Checking and monitoring of alarms and evacuation
  • Management and control of announcements and other audio information, timing of announcements
  • Volume and sound control
  • Zone selection
  • Logbook for documentation of the listed functions
  • Display and checking of system status of the VARIODYN D1 system
  • Software license including USB-Dongle