PAMMI Plus client

PAMMI Plus client Application is a PC workstation with which the input can be made in PAMMI Plus and
the information can be retrieved. PAMMI Plus client is the graphical user interface or the operating station.
PAMMI Plus client is connected with PAMMI Plus Server via Ethernet and can be set up in a customer
specific way. Many PAMMI Plus clients can be operated with one PAMMI Plus server.
In connection with the call station of VARIODYN D1 system, live announcements and buffered messages
with the PAMMI Plus clients can be released or controlled. Thus, the user can e.g. narrate, save and
control the message. After controlling, the message can be then be released. This prevents the danger of
false announcements or live announcements of bad quality

  • Supports to stream audio into VARIODYN D1
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Checking and monitoring of alarms and evacuation
  • Management and control of announcements and other audio information, timing of announcements
  • Volume and sound control
  • Zone selection
  • Logbook for documentation of the listed functions
  • Display and checking of system status of the VARIODYN D1 system
  • Software license including USB-Dongle