PAMMI Plus PA server

The PAMMI Plus server applications is the core of the VARIODYN D1 PAMMI Plus Management System.
It realises system control and communication with the components of the VARIOIDYN D1 voice alarm
system and the PAMMI Plus client via Ethernet. The PAMMI Plus server manages and controls, for
instance, the announcements and audio information of various PAMMI clients, the timed information.
Furthermore, it is often possible to incorporate other systems in the object, such as flight control systems,
person information systems, train traffic control systems, or text-to-speech systems into the PAMMI Plus
Management System. Apart from our current VARIODYN D1 voice alarm and public address system,
existing VARIODYN D1 3000 systems can obviously be incorporated as well. Here too, we are fully
backward compatible. Parallel to the PAMMI Plus server, an additional PC can be operated in hot standby
mode, to which one can switch, if necessary. This means that we have a fully redundant solution with
optimal failure safety.

  • Supports to stream audio into VARIODYN D1
  • Checking and monitoring of alarms and evacuation
  • Checking and monitoring of announcements and other audio notifications, scheduling of announcements
  • Interface to further functions in the facility
  • Display and checking of system status of the VARIODYN D1 system
  • Software license including USB-Dongle