Alarmtransponder VARIODYN® D1

The alarm transponder for VARIODYN D1 provides each 2 supervised relay outputs for optical alarm
signaling devices to provide alarms to people in very noisy areas or to deaf people. It works independently,
is driven by the VARIODYN D1 and this message to the VARIODYN D1 is reported in case of failure of the
relay line.The transponder is installed with in the cabinet of VARIODYN D1.
For the installation of the alarm transponder for VARIODYN D1, the following case is available as an option:
-788603.10 (For DIN rail mounting in the enclosure cabinet or stand)The power supply of the alarm
transponder via the system’s 24 V DC.
The alarm transponder is attached to the DOM and UIM or VARIODYN D1 Comprio.
Per relay line can be connected up to 10 visual alarm devices.
The visual alarm, refer to the fire alarm systems catalog.

  • Two supervised relay outputs for the system VARIODYN D1, for connection of optical alarms
  • Per relay output can be connected up to 10 visual alarm (Applicable types see accessories)
  • Per DOM / UIM or Comprio can be connected up to 4 alarm transponder