Linea LEN-20 EN 54-24, black

Passive 100 V loudspeaker, with weatherproof aluminium housing, designed for use with voice alarm
systems – certified according to EN 54-24, Type B, equipped with two high-quality 4” drivers with treated
cones for optimum efficiency in speech and voice alarms.

  • EN 54-24 certified, 100 V loudspeaker for use with voice alarm systems
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • exceptionally even sound dispersion
  • SIDE LOBE FREE – passive realization
  • equipped with high performance speakers
  • excellent speech intelligibility and sound quality
  • a long reach
  • weatherproof without requiring additional protection
    (protection class IP54 in accordance with IEC 529/EN 60529)
  • ball impact resistant front grille made from galvanised sheet steel
  • ultra-compact, low weight