2 x 6 W, 2 x 4″ AB cabinet loudspeaker EN 54, MDF

The A/B line cabinet loudspeaker for voice alarm systems is certified in accordance with EN 54-24 and
offers maximum safety for voice alarm projects.
The WA-AB 06-100/T-EN 54 V features two mutually independent chassis and two 100 V output
transformers. It allows for cost-effective supply via two separate (A/B) lines. In the event of a failure of one
line, the loudspeaker redundancy allows continued allert of the respective area. For every installation
position, the presence of an A line as well as of a B line provides redundancy. The high density MDF wood
enclosure (in white) ensures low-resonance sound quality. This version is ball impact resistant and suitable
for wall or ceiling mounting. The IP 54 rating guarantees operational safety even under harsh environmental
conditions. Both A/B-line loudspeakers respectively feature 2 integrated ceramic terminals and 2 thermal
fuses. The chassis are impregnated against moisture.