20 W 5″ ceiling loudspeaker EN 54, metal

Ceiling mount loudspeaker in plastic coated metal work with high efficiency and moisture proof broadband
loudspeaker chassis, certified as per EN 54-24.
DL 20-130/T-EN 54 (130 mm Chassis) has maximum power of 20 W and can be adjusted to 15 W, 10 W or
5 W if required. Spring clamps with cropped leg spring, with high clamping force, and short tension distance
enables a quick and easy mounting. A smart inner ring prevents the grille from collapsing even under heavy
load due to environmental influences. For additional fuse, this EN 54-24 ceiling mount loudspeaker is
assembled with ceramic clamp and thermal protection as well as equipped with a fire dome. It has
PG16-cable outlet and a blind cover. The fire dome prevents the suction effect of the chimney at the
suspended ceiling in case of fire, after possible burning of the loudspeaker membrane.