580243 Honeywell Power Four-Channel Amplifier 4XD250B

580243: Honeywell Power Four-Channel Amplifier 4XD250B ระบบเสียงประกาศสาธารณะและระบบเตือนภัยด้วยเสียง

Four-channel amplifier with integrated battery recharging system for the emergency power supply to the
VARIODYN D1 Comprio. The 4XD250B features 4 independent amplifier channels, each with 250 W, in
class D direct drive technology. Due to the fact that all amplifier channels are completely independent from
each other, it is possible to use one channel for back up. This could be for the other 3 channels or
alternatively for other amplifier channels of other amplifiers with the same or lower output power (only
4XDxxxB and 4XDxxxW models). The amplifier can be used in combination with the VARIODYN D1
Comprio as well as with a DOM. It is also possible to use the amplifier also with a separate PSU, the
internal PSU must be switched of then. In this case the internal battery charger must be disabled.


  • EN 54-4 and EN 54-16 certified
  • Compliant with EN 60849 and EN 50849
  • Class D technology, efficiency> = 80 %
  • 4 independent amplifier channels
  • One of four amplifier channels can be used as general back up channel
  • Two Height Unit (2 HU)
  • Ideal for use with the VARIODYN D1 Comprio
  • Self-monitoring and self-test by microcontroller
  • Protected against overload, short circuit and overheating
  • Smooth and fast step-down in 1dB steps in the event of overdrive or over load
  • 24 V DC PSU for back up mains power
  • Integrated battery charger according to EN 54-4 for charging batteries up to a capacity of 65 Ah (2 x 12V / 105 Ah) for emergency power supply of the amplifier and one Comprio or DOM
  • Temperature controlled variable speed fans