iFT Gateway 4 Ch Analytics
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ADPRO IntrusionTrace™ analytic provides high performance intrusion detection using video analytics specifically designed for 24/365 outdoor operation. Optimised using thousands of hours of video footage covering a range of environmental, seasonal & time of day variations, the analytics achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability. With simple “region of interest” configuration for a majority of scenes, IntrusionTrace can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Whether monitoring a yard, providing remote access control to a site, or creating a virtual fence around a supply depot, IntrusionTrace delivers performance where it is needed. XO-enabled ADPRO iFT Gateway, iFT & iFT-E NVR+ systems support up to 32 IntrusionTrace channels depending on the hardware model selected. Xchange2, the downloadable PC application with the online licensing portal enables you to quickly and remotely redeem licenses and do bulk FW upgrade to ADPRO iFT, iFT-E and iFT Gateway. This tool enables 1-step, hassle free, deployment of applications and services to your field-deployed platform and reduces installation time.

  • 4 Channel License for IntrusionTrace/LoiterTrace for iFT Gateway
  • 24/365 outdoor algorithm for perimeter and sterile zone applications
  • Integrates advanced algorithms to maximize target detection and tracking
  • Can detect crawling, rolling, running and slow moving targets
  • Bounding box visualization is available on supported CMS and VMS software for rapid alarm verification
  • One-person setup
  • Fast and easy commissioning with simple region of interest detection
  • Deterministic 3D calibration, no learning time
  • Spider/insect alarm reduction with improved sensitivity controls and Car headlight alarm reduction
  • Up to 16 detection zones or directional zones per channel

General InformationName: ADPRO IFT-GATEWAY ANALYTIC PACCategory: Honeywell Commercial Security, Video Surveillance, Video Surveillance SoftwareUPC Code: 886618264054Country of origin: Belgium. Country of origin is subject to change.